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Im a 27 yr old female and like quite a few of the people I've seen here, Im one of the few who was acne free during teens. I was on the pill (Loette) for about two years but took myself off it as i found that it made me heavier and killed my libido (kinda defeated the purpose). Anyways a month coming off the pill, my face broke out something awful. Not cysts but lots of white heads and pustules.

I live in Tonga which is in the South Pacific and as you can imagine supplies are scarce. The pharmacies here do not stock a lot of the stuff mentioned here but they do stock the Oxy brand.

I have been following the regime now for 5 weeks. I noticed that i broke out more in the first two, so ditched the cleanser i was using (it was Johnstons extra gentle cleanser) and am now using Oxy Advanced Gel wash, which states that it has triclosan. The BP i am using is Oxy 5% - which is the only BP lotion available here in Tonga. Nobody has the 2.5%. But it contains moisturiser so i didnt use any extra... i am noticing a difference but my face is sooo dry and red. It gets quite flakey also.

Im just wondering if anyone has had any luck using the oxy brand? Should i continue or dump the regime seeing how i cant get the exact supplies (without spending the earth to get it). I managed to find a bottle of the neutrogena multi-vitamin acne treament, and have seen that it contains SA. I was wondering what people's thoughts/experiencese were with interchanging SA and BP? I was thinking i might use the neutrogena SA during the day, and then use the BP at nite just so that im not so dry during the day? Any thoughts anyone? The moisturisers here are also unhelpful but i have the Garnier Sebum Control moisturiser which contains 'anti-bacterial' properties. I have yet to use it though... am waiting to see what people's comments are first. Thanks.

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