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Guest Zitro

I'm taking a short break from the site

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Guest Zitro

Hey, I am having the final exams next week and also I have to do a lot of stuff to get my driver's licence, etc and I will take a break from this site and I will be very inactive for the next couple of weeks or so.

I really like you all here, acne.org is like part of my family with 10+ member I usually chat with in MSN messenger. So, I'm sure I'll come back eventually, on the meantime if you want to know me, my hotmail address is [email protected] , I'm still connected frequently in the messenger.

To summarize my life this month, its been good:

Acne-wise, My bad breakout is over and my derm extracted the big cysts a week ago, and now I had a long facial. So, acne-wise, I'm still showing progress, and I'll be clear soon. The problem is to fing a strong enough regime to stay clear that would replace facials. I also had a haircut and I look much prettier and normal (I looked like a 70s rocker or hippie in april-may).

A good friend of mine that left miami last year came back to live again here, and I'm happy to reunite with him and somehow get the group of buddies back together. My life is a little more social thanksfully.

With ladies, I am not shy anymore nor self-conscious, and I am become more relaxed, confident and charming. A couple of girls asked me out for prom (sadly, Im not going and can't afford it eusa_wall.gif ). I also met a very nice girl in internet who I am very glad I met, and she never fails to makes me smile.

Im sure one less moderator won't break the tranquility here, especially with active moderators like Vanessa and Turnergirl.

see ya cool.gif

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Guest Avian

Yeah, good luck. I think we could all benefit from a break to be honest.

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Guest Amy Lee

If you still like to play chess, just PM me okay? Anyway, see you soon, don't leave for long! biggrin.gif

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