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Hey guys,

I need advice on fillers and on who does it in the UK.

OK except for DR Chu cause he charges £160 for a consultation.Are these clinics at Harley STreet reliable.Anyone knows of any other DR.

I went to a clinic in Bayswater today and they told me about Hydrafill.Anyone has any news about it.The search is showing up with nothing but the Sister(Not a Dr) was telling me how good it was and was better and longer lasting that restylene.

Please guys give me some advice

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Hi scarednow,

Not sure if you are still logging on here.

I just went to see a lady in the midlands who has a lot of experience in fillers.

I think I have similar scars to you but difficult to tell exactly. I am also asian.

She said out of all the fillers she's used she still feels collagen is still the best. She also does hydrafill & restylane & I think a newer one called IAL?

Anyway she reckons the test to do to find out if fillers will help you, is to pull your skin and if you see an improvement then fillers probably can help.

I am seriously considering trying a filler. I have had a test done for collagen to see if I show any allergice reactions and I have to wait 21 days to see what happens. I have to say tho' the thought of putting collagen in me feels weird. I thing I'd be happier using a man made filler like hydrafill or restylane.

Did you have a filler done in the end? Do you feel it has worked?

Would like to share more but no point if you are not on the msg board anymore. Will wait and see if u reply.

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