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I kno i saw one oh ebay.

There really cheap and it would work i think if u used iot everyday.

Think bout it if u suck it all out there can t be any spots.

I guess it could make ur body produce more oil making more pimples but if used everyday it should stopm this.

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I haven't seen one of those for like 2 years.

I haven't heard good things about it... I know for sure that one of my friends tried it and it didn't work for her (she still has acne). Plus, I heard it hurts.

Sorry I don't know any more about it!

Good luck anyways!

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those strips are great on the nose, you can get them for other parts, but warning, they broke me out im sure. steam your face then use a wash. and use glycolic acid (aha), not salicyclic acid (bha), aha's work better at getting them out. never try n force them unless they are poking out, you'll just irritate.

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My mom swears by steaming her face then applying a biore strip on. She gets more black heads/brown heads that way. (I know, cause she's showed me. bleh!!)

and a cheaper method than the biore strips is to just use scotch tape!! smile.gif it works, i swear. try it sometime!

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This is the same thing one of the doctors here in SA sells. He got arested for using his patients to make money. He literally pays them to help advertise products he sells including this gadget!

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I bought a cheap one off ebay..it does not work..AT ALL. I don't know about the expensive ones, though.. but I think it is bad for your skin anyways.

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I think there is a version of this tool that actually works.

It looks very different to this.

There were like 400 reviews on some skin care site. Wish I had the link here.

I'll repost if I find it.

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