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well two questions, really. First question: My acne scars are are composed of many... many many very small Hypertrophic scars and a couple impossible to notice sized icepicks on my cheeks. (and mostly close to my nose) Then, I have some very serious hypepigmentation issues on the sides of my face. I'm planning to use the vinegar method and beta hydroxy. Both are suppose to help with exfoliation, should I use both, or one of them at a time and use whichever works best? I also heard retin A helps with hyperpigmentation, should I ask my doctor about that or should I wait till after the vinegar/hydroxy? Are there any other treatments that I can/sholud be using? I'm following the regimen right now by the way.

My second question: I had a bad accident with 10 percent bp gel. I accidentally squeezed out too much, so I said to myself "what the heck" and put all of it on. I didn't use a moisturizer because I normally don't have dry skin issues with bp gel. The next day, my skin was looking absolutely terrible, dry flakes everywhere. Well, I'm rather stupid, so I didn't think of using a moisterizer then either, and I didn't think of putting on any sunscreen. The next day, I paid the price, my skin has a terrible tan, and there are still flakes everywhere. I already started using a moisterizer w/ 15 SPF sunscreen and I hope the flakes will go away soon. But I want to know, how long does it take a tan to go away? Are there any topicals I can use to help this? I'm also a fan for really light skin, (despite the fact my skin is naturally dark) any way to lighten my skin color?

edit: Oh, how long will for the tan and the scars to go away, they are all very very small but very numerous.


I'll post some pics soon.

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-your skin sounds kind of like mine. for hyper pigmentation, I use a mixture of one part apple cider vinegar to 3 parts water and use a q-tip to apply only to the areas which are different colors. orginally, I treated the vinegar/water mixture as a toner and applied it to the whole face but i found it to cause breakouts. however, if used in small areas with little dabs, it's USUALLY pretty effective for minimizing spots. lately, it hasn't been as effective for me and im thinking about upping the potency of the vinegar. if the 3:1 ratio doesn't work you can up the potency to whatever works best/causes least irritation.

-for hyperpigmentation and for general skin health overall, Puredeming's Intense Gel R-ALA (http://www.puredeming.com/products/) is also effective. Ever since iv'e been using it I haven't had any of the normal dryness associated w/ bp and its also helped blend my old acne spots to a certain extent. i use it every night after the Murad sulfur treatment (which also seems to help diminish scars, minimize pore appearance, and prevent against future breakouts)

-I've used alpha beta hydroxy lotion and it didn't seem to do much for hyper pigmentation, however the spf if good for outside

-tans usually fade in 3-4 days, I would just wait it out, otherwise you'll probably just create more problems and complications by adding in more topicals

....hope that helps

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alright, thank you so much. I bought already bought alpha hydroxy, it seems that it works for some people and not for others; guess I'll find out. Also bought some vinegar. Depending on how well these work, I'll try some of the others. Thanks again.

Anyone have any suggestions about my scars?

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I guess everyone else is waiting for your photos, which you said you will post. A picture speaks worth a thousand words.

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