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I'm those typical guys with oily skin and i don't really like to use medications to block my sebeum productions. any advice on what to do beside using medications?

also, sometimes i have tired looking skin and i hate applying mosturizers because it makes my face more oily. does anyone have any advice? thanks. biggrin.gif

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Regularly wash your face in the morning and evening with some type of cleanser (gentle or with acne fighting ingredients, whatever floats your boat). If that's still not enough to control your sebum production, maybe you should lightly dab your face with water during the afternoon when sebum production is at its highest. Then for your "tired looking skin", try to invest in some type of nighttime lotion/cream to simply nourish your face. I recommend Dove Sensitive Essentials Night Cream. It's great. You can also consider using a mask but I, personally as a guy, can never get myself to do that so I can't really help you much with that.

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Copper Peptide Serum (I use Super CP Serum) from www.skinbiology.com is good at controlling excess oil. I use a very small amount of emu oil on top of the Super CP Serum to improve penetration of the CP and to give the skin some moisture. Some believe the emu oil tricks the skin into behaving as if it the skin is oily enough so it stops any further oil production.

Chemical peels also help. For about a week or so after a peel the skin's oil production is greatly reduced.

A clay mask (without too many ingredients) used two or more times a week will help to control oils too. I prefer Triple Acting Glycolic Mask from Serious Skin Care.

I also use the skin care line from www.Metrin.com (there are separate lines for men and women). After the initial period of use during which there is increased oiliness and some breakouts (they recommend about 3 months), I've noticed substantial decrease in my skin's oil production. The line is somewhat expensive, but if you can stick with it through the initial period, the results are worth it.

All of the above suggestions are only temporary treatments. To date, I have not found anything that has "cured" excessively oily skin.

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