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My first regimen

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Alright, I've been on the Clear Skin Regimen for a week now. (Started Sunday, May 8th)

I won't be wearing make-up for the first month, just to get my face clearer and healed, and to get my body fully used to the BP. I don't know anything about foundation shelf-life. I think I shold probably throw it out and buy some more when June rolls around. :X

The first week doesn't show much change, apart from a cleaner feeling and no real major new breakouts. I've had a couple of pimples here and there, but they're small and go away quickly. It's hard to not pick at things, but I'm breaking the habit by keeping my hair out of my face when at home (it's harder when at school due to the fact that my school doesn't like people wearing bandanas) and keeping my pillows clean.

I'm waiting for the next two weeks, though. I hear that the second and third week generally contains evil break-outs, but I'm ready for it.

As far as the medication worked:

The first day didn't show anything, which I guessed.

Second day my face was dry, and a couple new small whiteheads popped up, but nothing major.

Third day my face reminded me of a zombie in the morning, so I figured I needed to use more moisturizer. My skin's quite fair, so it probably needed more than I originally thought.

Fourth day my theory about needing more moisturizer was correct, and I made sure to use more so I didn't go to class with my face looking snowy.

Fifth day nothing really new.

Sixth day pores seem a little smaller. Maybe it's just my imagination. New small whitehead, but nothing else.



Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar

BP gel

Neutrogena Oil-Free moisture spf 15

Almay Whipped Gloss to keep lips moist and to keep me lookin' somewhat pretty :b


same, shower or no shower

That's all for the first week. biggrin.gif I'll be updating with new stuff... hopefully.

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