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Please help!! i'm new

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hey guys,

i'm fairly new to the forum, although i discovered acne.org a little while back...

my derm perscribed me isotrexin (the topical form of accutane) about four months ago which seems to work a little bit, but i still have blackheads, some active acne and red marks...i'm kinda hesitant about going on the regimen as i've heard it leaves red marks, and i guess my acne's only mildly moderate...

the question i have is, does anybody know whether i can put moisturiser on after isotrexin, or will is mess up because isotrexin is a gel??

any help would be really appreciated eusa_pray.gif

p.s. i've just shaved with a razor for the first time in about 4 years!!! (i was scared that by shaving with a razor my skin would get even worse)..needless to say, there are a few red marks, not as many as i expected actually, but it's weird to actually see some of my skin for the first time since i was 18!!!!

any guys have tips for shaving that they find useful, less agravating for the acne??

having damned acne really gets me down a lot of the time mad.gif

and i'm sure like everybody else i just want it to get better...it sounds a little sad but there've been so many nights i knelt by my bed and prayed for my skin to be like the way it was when i was 12 but in the morning it's always the same doubt.gif

...glad to have found this website and forum though..

take care everybody


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