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should i get mental treatment?

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I was also abused as a child i think it's still leaving it's mark

I jump whenever someone says something suddenly or yells something

I think it's my dad coming to beat me =O

this acne made me more or a recluse and anti social person now

yeah im trying to grow out of it but im getting into these bad mood swings now to

feel like killing myself wtf is going on?

even though im mostly clear i can't even look at anyone in the face anymore.

wowow sad someone help me get out of this rut eusa_wall.gif

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I'm not a psychologist and as far as I know nobody else here is either. if you think that you have issues that need dealing with and you feel that you can't deal with it alone I would suggest seeing a proffesional, Visiting your doctor would be a good start.

Good luck

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Fuman - Thanks for sharing your feelings with us.

If you're having trouble understanding your emotions or handling the situation, I encourage you to see someone who is trained to help you and others with similar thoughts and feelings.

You may have a form of anxiety, but always know you can count on us for support, and that you're not alone, even though it's hard to believe at times.

You'll find a way out.

Li B.

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Having grown in in an abusive home, I say yes - seek help.

You sound as if you are in a sitution that I found myself in - needing and wanting to seek help, but being a minor and still being at home. It was exceedingly difficult for me to get help about my parents while I was still living with them. They did not want "the secret" out, and they did everything they could to keep me quiet.

I took some rather drastic measures. A few years of calling Child Protective Services finally found me a foster home. In the end, (after being placed BACK home at 17), I ran away. Called a lawyer. Explained.

Never had to go home again.

You have to decide what length you are willing to go to get help. What is safe for you to do. I don't always recommend drastic measures. But I don't always dis-recommend them, either.

Try seeing a school counseler and explain to them why you are afraid. They may be required to tell someone - but that may just be your saving grace.

Hold tight - the ride is going to be bumpy. No matter which way it goes, if you are "found out" by your parents, it is going to be one hell of a hard time and a whole lotta heartbreak. But if you really need it, in the end, it will be worth it.

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