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Acne and atmosphere? water?

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Hi. New to the forum.

My situatoin is this:

I'm an out-of-state university student, who is away from home for about 8 months of the year.

EVERY time I come home, I break out. I have no idea why.

I was home for winter break, and I started breaking out. When I returned to residence, it died down.. Come spring break, acne started again. At first I thought it was the local water at home, perhaps, that I'm not used to? Or the atmosphere in general.. at school I live in a student housing which is still a house; at home I live in a condo/apartment and some people have suggested that air/atmosphere conditions in an apartment setting can be bad for the face (?? ..um..okay)

Then I thought, perhaps it was the white rice, because when I come home my mom always makes white rice.. and I've read the stuff here about white rice insulin etc etc.. so I stopped eating white rice, no white bread, no nothing. I always hated junk food and fried food to begin with, so I don't think it's the diet. These days I eat brown rice once in a while or a lot of fish, steamed vegetables, etc. I'm home for the summer and even after controlling my diet I'm still breaking out.. which puzzles me.

I need to know the cause of my break out before I initiate some sort of medication, regimen, whatever, but I'm clueless. Right now it's quite awful. I've also noticed that, back when I was at school, my hair didn't get greasy very easily; but nowadays, if I don't shower every day, my hair gets really dirty. Is this hormone-related? Some sort of, every time I come home my hormones start acting up kind or something?

Help..please if you have any suggestions

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