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Still getting flat red bumps on Regimen

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Hi everyone,

I've been gone from this site for a couple weeks now due to some family issues. I have kept up with the regimen though because I wanted to give it the full 2-3 months to work its magic. I even found it somewhat comforting to apply on every day with all the craziness going on in my house. Anyway,...

My forehead and nose are CRYSTAL clear and I have not gotten a pimple in these areas in over 5 weeks. HOWEVER, I continue to get flat, red bumps on my cheeks and a couple on my chin (my biggest problem areas). These bumps are sometimes painful, never come to a head, and often show up in clusters of 3 (i guess everyone gets lonely). I don't udnerstand it. Oh and also, these bumps only show up on my outer cheeks. My inner cheeks are pretty clear.

I don't want to give up on the regimen since I've seen great results on other parts of my face but these bumps are awful. Sometimes they combine and form one giant pimple (i'm still recovering from 2 of these). I'm lost and desperately wish I was clear. sad.gif

On a good note though, the texture and tone of my face is very nice and continues to the improve. Those fine lines I had on my forehead and chin have gone away slightly (hopefully, they'll be gone altogether soon).

For anyone who is on the regimen, are you experiencing this also? Do they ever go away? One woman I PMed weeks ago said they went away around the 7th week for her but I am still getting them and I'm nearing the end of the 7th week. Is there hope or did I really mess up my face?

What I use (morning and night):

1. cetaphil facial cleanser (liquid)

2. BP gel

3. eucerin skin renewal spf 15

Please help! and thank you!

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Very Interesting I have the exactly same problem.... outer cheeks and lower chins, it's like an acne blemish that never gets a head and then leaves a scar right?

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i have exactly the same problem: cheeks and chin are active but forehead and nose are really clear... annoying...

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I haven't heard of this before. hmmm... Are they cysts or are they smaller than that? A bump that doesn't come to a head is usually either a papule or a cyst, but papules are raised, not flat.

Regardless, I would keep up with the regimen and avoid picking at these areas or touching them no matter how tempting it is. Leave the area untouched and make sure you're using PLENTY of bp there.

The other option is to go to a derm and see what these bumps are. If they are not acne, bp of course will not do anything.

Keep in mind that many people have reported that the regimen takes 3 months or more to work completely.

Lastly, you can perhaps add AHA into the regimen once a day and see if that helps. It shouldn't hurt. http://www.acne.org/alpha-hydroxy-acid.php

I talk about spot treating in that link, but you can go ahead and use the AHA on the entire outer cheek area. I think it might help.


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