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I would say I have inbetween mild and moderate acne and my skin is not sensitive. Also, my face clears up really fast if the product actually works. I have that kind of acne that could just be completely wiped out within a short time, but i just haven't found the right product yet.

I know that AcneFree has 3 steps: cleanser, toner, and lotion. Please answer these questions for me because im desparately looking for a great product to use, and you're answers would definitely help, A LOT.

-- So in the morning before school, could I do all 3 steps and then put my foundation over it after it dries or would that look incredibly weird? I use a solid foundation.

-- Approximately (for most people) how long does it take to start seeing improvement?

-- Is it worth the money and does it run out fast?

-- I'm supposed to use the system twice a day, morning & night, right?

* Also any other comments, tips, or suggestions for me about AcneFree. Thanks biggrin.gif

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I used Acne Free a long time ago before switching to proactiv.

I like to think that Acne Free helped prep my skin for Proactiv and for BP.

I remember when I did the very last step, my face always seemed oily and shiny. It also felt very tight and dry all at the same time. I think it's essential to use moisturizer with any BP product. I'm sure your makeup will help you keep ur skin matte.

You should keep with any regimem for 2 months before you quit. However, if you notice an allergic reaction, it's intuitive that you should stop immediately.

A kit should last about a month, although I find that the BP lotion really doesn't last that long, especially if you're using the amount Dan's regimen calls for.

Also, I don't know if the toner still has alcohol. When I was using it, it had alcohol and that's what dried my skin more so than BP. I hope that underscores the necessity of wearing a good moisturizer.

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Thanks, but also.. i've used proactiv before and i noticed that the acne gets worse before it gets better. like, it brings out the pimples in your face and then clears them up. is this the same with AcneFree?

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