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Hmm blowing off people at work good bad? after....

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They magically notice me when im clear but when im not they disappear


Girl: Hey long time no see!

Me: under his breath....yeah right

end of convo

Heh it's all they care about how people look and what they wear blah blah blah thanks this isn't a perm position until im done school

Anyway yeah my question.........Blow off people who notice you when your clear?


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Acne makes people not afflicted with it feel weird around others who are. They're always asking themselves, "Why doesn't he use Oxy 10? Why is he not washing his face?" Et cetera. So we have a two-pronged attack on our self-esteem: others are prone to avoid us and we feel uncomfortable in our own skin.

When you're clear, suddenly, you're one of the guys again.

I know this is all visceral and stuff, but as humans, we are lured to the beautiful, vivacious, and healthy. When you have acne, you're the antithesis of all three of those qualities.

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I have a friend who had really severe psoriasis, it was EVERYWHERE, people used to cross the street to avoid him, no shit.

Some of his own friends even avoided him, it was bad.

I guess some people can be the same when it comes to acne but on a smaller scale, though not everyone.

I think most of it is in our own heads........

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