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Tazorac Gel For Scars?

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Can Tazorac Gel .1 percent help with scarring at all? I have a lot of shallow scarring, mostly like potholes on my face. My derm put me on Tazorac, and said it should help? Anyone have any success with Tazorac for scars? It is a strong retinoid, thats about all i know about it.

He also put me on Vit C cream, said to use tazorac then apply vit c cream...

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It will lessen the appearance of scars and help your skin to heal more efficiently if you have acne, but it won't eliminate scars.

If the scarred areas are still red or brown, then, for the most part, they're still in the process of healing, so they could fill in completely or to the extent where no scarring is discernible. Any retinoid can help.

If the Tazorac makes your skin red and scaly, just remember, using no Tazorac, or any retinoid for that matter, greatly increases your chances for permanent scarring.

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In addition, I just want to add that to this day, I'm so thankful that when my acne was at its worse (when I was 16), my derm didn't put me on Accutane. He just prescribed the most potent form of Retin-A and antibiotics. Did they make me feel ill and miserable? Yes.

But I'm convinced, and I've posted this before, that Accutane stymies the healing process. When I was finally put on Accutane at the age of 20 (I wouldn't stop harassing my then-new dermatologist for it) to at least control the oiliness, I got some initial blemishes that left two nice scars on my left cheek. They f-ing irritate me to this day, and I know damn well it was the Accutane that f-ed up my skin's natural propensity to heal.

Just keep that in mind if you ever go on Accutane.

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