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Ok.so current situation = marked forehead (some as a result of harsh undiluted acv use and the rest (not much by some) left by spots) and the area running below my eyes and over my nose is also vinegar tanned,its not fetching really eusa_whistle.gif

So ive read up on this Delna lark and i would really like to try.However.few problems i just want to ask people more in the know than me.

Last monday i bought a SA wash (the loreal purezone one) and stupidly went for washing twice a day (washed a third time on wednesday due to exercise although this was with normal dove soap,not the sa.).This had a bad effect and has dried out my skin.Im sure you know what kinda dryness i mean.To make matters worse i got pretty bad sunburn yesterday all over my face.So my skin has been through the wars this week.

So i thought before i try Delnas programme i should let my skin recover.This is where you come in.Im not sure how.Simply i thought if i just wash my face with water (no soap or harshness) till mid next week sometime it pretty much should of recovered.Im just scared ill induce mass breakout.I haven't had this before,just few spots a week.But i can just see many little bumps im scared will pop up if i dont wash with more than water,but if i do ill prolong the healing process.

So what would you do? Tnx eusa_angel.gif

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Yea, I agree that you should definitely give your skin some rest. Washing with just water is alright for awhile. Acne-prone skin does need a little bit more caring though. I say, use just a gentle cleanser (no SA, GA, BP, or any along those lines) once in the moring and once in the night. I recommend investing in a nighttime cream/lotion that helps nourish/repair your skin. There are many recommended products out there but I personally recommend this since it really works. Since your skin is a bit sunburned, get a good morning/day moisturizer with SPF 15 content. Hopefully after 1-2 weeks, your skin will improve and you can move onto Delna's regimen. smile.gif

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