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hi everyone

Please help!!! Im on a good route

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Ok guys I have been on Dan's regimen for about a month and I have had excellent results. I have 1 or 2 small pimples on my entire face. Almost all clear!!!! Now this is where I need your help.

I have red marks, but there is absolutely no indentations or anything. It's just mild red marks in some places. What is the best treatment you would reccommend while on Dan's regimen. I'm really looking foward to your help in to getting me completely clear.

Thanks to this site my head is lifted now!

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dont use fruit of the earth aloe vera gel...

i was 90% clear ... used it for 2 weeks and boom ... 15 pimples

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I recently found the answer to this and I'm glad I tried it:

Just for the record, I've been doing the regimine for a year to a year and a half now... with my face 90% clear but still redmarks and unevenness.

I'd been using Nuetrogena Acne Prone cleansing bar, BP gel, and Neutrogena Healthy skin (moisture with AHA).

About a few days ago, I read about the effects of a toner: that's glycolic acid or Lactic Acid.  The toner from Eurac(forgot the name) works wonders. I can feel my pores BREATHE, and it unclogs pores so nicely, and clears acne and redspots so well... I'm REALLY pleased with it.

So, do the regimine like this:

cleanse face with cleanser

wait 2 mins for drying

put on toner, thouroughly put all over face

let dry for 5 mins - it'll feel really good. Your pores will literally breathe as their being cleansed by the toner

Put on BP Gel- it's going to feel greasy with the toner, but still put it on all over, gently. It'll dry just fine in the end. Let Dry 10 minutes

Put on AHA Moisture

You're all set. I've done 3 treatments, and I can't tell you the level I've reached. smile.gif

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