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Join me on my JOURNEY !!!!

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Hi everyone,

I've just discovered this fantastic site and decided I'm going to post up a regular roaccutane journal. Im 20 male from Sydney, Australia and i've had moderate but persistent acne since i was 17. I have tried heaps of different treatments and finally i was put on 40mg of roaccutane a week ago.

How i feel so far : I feel surprisingly good. I do feel tired more than usual and not as mentally sharp. I feel I can't focus properly and can't concentrate.

Side effects : Dry lips, mouth corners are cracked, skin extremely delicate and the slightest scratch will cause a wound. I also have some stomach aches (very minor and pass almost as soon as they come). I also had a nosebleed earlier in the week. Scalp is quite dry and itchy, and so is my neck.

Products I've been using : Dermaveen soap free wash - helps the skin retain moisture. I've also been using sorbelene lotion in the shower as a soap substitute. I've been applying my face with aloe vera gel to help all the redness and minor cuts/wounds heal faster.

Condition of acne : The oil production has definitely decreased. But i have had a few pustules break out around my forehead.

Should i add any products to my routine ? Please post if you have any suggestions or tips for this first time taner !.

I will keep you updated on my condition.

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Well being!

Glad to hear you're joining all of us on our Accutane adventures! Its a great drug and has been doing wonders for me so far! I'm almost done with 16 weeks.... very exciting.

I would reccommend products: AQUAPHOR!!!!, Oil of Olay Total Effects day and night creams....

BEST OF LUCK!!!! I'm sure you'll do great!!!

-Katie smile.gif

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Hey peoples !,

Back again for another day. I think I'm going to log in a very systematic way using subheadings, like i did in the first post.

How i felt today : Again concentration was the problem. I found it hard to stay focussed. Other than that it was good.

Side effects : Today i had TWO bleeding noses. One right after lunch and the other as I was showering just before hopping onto the computer to post here. I am starting to get worried.

Of course the dryness is still there but it hasn't intensified or anything like that.

Diet : I've decided to add this section so I can keep track of what I eat during my treatment. Today i skipped breakfast and I had fried noodles for lunch (really unhealthy) and KFC for dinner (extremely bad). I have to eat more healthly if I am to get through this treatment relatively unscathed.

Water : 2 Litres. I think this was good... considering I was sedentary most of the day.

Condition of Acne : I have a new pustule on my right cheek.

I know i shouldn't pop a pimple while on roaccutane because it will most certainly scar. Also... should i moisturize ? I currently do not have a moisturizer in my regime.

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Well today was so boring. Nothing really new to report about the roaccutane.

How i feel : Pretty good actually. Even my frame of mind is good... today i felt really hopeful i guess. Normally i have periods where i feel shitty and down but today i felt quite positive about the future.

Side effects : No nosebleeds today ! Though my nose still has crusty blood (perhaps from yesterday ?). The dryness is of course still there. My scalp is getting really dry... I have really bad dandruff now. Oh and my joints are starting to ache a little bit... (my hip region and back). I think this may be due to the fact i was standing for 5 hours non-stop yesterday.

Diet : I had seafood noodles for lunch and then for dinner i had soup and more noodles. I really should get cracking with the salads and healthy pasta, cereals etc.

Water : I drank at least 4 bottles of water today (so much that i lost count). Really pleased with that.

Condition of Acne : No change from yesterday. Wounds are taking longer to heal i've noticed.

I didn't do any study at all today. Feel so lazy.

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