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The best face wash ever made - though gone for many years,

was Listerex Scrub. I used it from the mid 80s to the early 90

when they'd stopped making it. 2% Salicylic Acid, not irritating,

and round polyethelene scrubbing beats that didn't scratch like

apricot or other kinds. Also, smelled great (Golden or Herbal).


Todays scrubs suck. Period. I can't use one of them. Why? They

tend to have very few scrubbing beads (stingy buggers) or they

have comedogenic ingredients (even if they claim they are not).

Compare any 2-3-4 or 5 on the store shelf. Read the ingredient

area. All the same stuff pretty much, Ceytl/Steryl Alcohols (sic)

and other 'emolient' ingredients (nonsense). They figure if you

are scrubbing, they need to moisturize at the same time.


Not if you have acne you idiots! But alas, they're all the same.

Listerex didn't play that game. It was 100% non-comedognic,

it sudsed up perfectly, and really cleaned well. It scrubbed in

a very gentle but thorough way and left my face spotless.


Brasavol Scrubs were around then. They can still be found

today, but they are also packed with comedogenic things.

Perinox is all that's left of that generation. It is probably

as effective or moreso, thicker (Listerex was liquid, the

Perinox is almost paste) but probably a bit harsher. I've

not used it, it's just too bloody expensive. 1/3 the size of

the typical bottle of wash or scrub for over $20 dollars!!!


I settled for a while on Almay's Face Wash. It was in a short

wide flat bottle with a push thing on top. It was orange color.

It worked incredibly well, it was not irritating, but cleaned my

skin as well as Listerex (but it sadly didn't scrub, only a wash).

But of course - they HAD to discontinue that one too. Aaargh!


So now I use PropaPH 2% Salycilic Acid Acne Wash. Nice scent

of Lemon, and very mild but very effective. Easy to use pump.

But I'd trade it for Listerex in a minute. The moral of the story

is other than Perinox, there are no non-comedogenic scrubs to

be found, not in any acne aisle, or in other botique shops, or

in any skin care line. I wish they'd bring back Listerex Scrub.


Mark D.

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