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neo 17

ragforum.com -> Why you shouldn't listen to them.

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Let's look at the facts:

1) Millions have taken accutane.

2) Few, if any, have any long term serious effects. And if they do, it was worth it for clear skin.

3)Those boards have 3000 members or so.

3000/one million x100 = 0.3%

And not everyone there is there to bitch about it.

4) More people have statistically died from tylenol than accutane.

5) Accutane's been out for 30 years now or so. That's as long term as you're gonna get. And still no studies have convinced the FDA to withdraw the drug.

6) Most of these people were morons and didn't stop the drug when the serious effect occured.

Bottom line, is take your accutane. These action groups are BS. The only reason side effects persist after treatment is that the drug has a decent half-life and is cumulative (it builds up)...it can take months to get out of your system.

people say isotretinoin is a cancer drug...well, it is, but isotretinoin is not the only thing in your accutane capsule...there's plenty of other shit to make it safer. It's come a long way.

Accutane is also a derivative of Vit A. Side effects of Vit A are reversible. 1+1 = 2? Get it.

Bottom line is these people are mostly just assholes trying to make money out of Roche. i'm sure maybe a FEW are telling the truth, but the rest are exaggerating like hell.

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yep, what a turn around.

Ya, alot of people have nothing better to do than to bring other people down. I am glad you stopped listening to them.

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Guest Craigems

God works in mysterious ways. I remember fighting with you last week about all this garbage, and thats what i was saying to you.

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