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My Complete Regimen Story

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I should have done this awhile ago, better late than never I guess!

Background: I started Dan's regimen last June (10 months ago). Before starting the regimen I had mild-med (usually cystic) acne on my chin area as well as some obove my upper lip. When I say mild-med I mean that I would have 1-4 active pimples at a time. They were usually medium in size and painful.

The Beginning: I started the regimen using a generic cetaphil cleanser from walmart, dan's BP gel, and eucerin body lotion (never did find the face lotion with spf). I also used coppertone spray sunscreen spf 30. I did the regimen just as Dan explains. I used a minimal amount of BP. My skin was dry and flaky at the beginning, but never got red.

Month 1-3: After about the first three weeks my skin was no longer flaky. I was using the full amount at the time on only the affected areas (chin and above upper lip). This was about a pea-sized amount. Right up until month three I did not see an improvement what-so-ever. The frequency and size of pimples was the same, no better and no worse.

Month 3-6: Finally! My skin cleared up all the sudden and I would get about 1 pimple every one to two weeks. Red spots from old pimples were present, but didn't linger any longer than before I started the regimen.

Month 6-present: I hardly ever get pimples anymore. Maybe once a month, if even that. I do not do the regimen exactly as Dan says anymore. I have found that it doesn't matter what cleanser I use (as long as it doesn't have additional acne fighting ingredients in it). I also don't really wait between steps. My red marks are pretty much gone and my skin is never really dry and flaky.

That is my story. I told my boyfriend about the regimen and it also took him three months to get cleared up, although he experienced improvment along the way. I got regimen supplies for my younger brother for X-mas and it also took three months for his skin to be consistently clear. I don't know if three is the magic number, but my point is to not give up!!! This is the only thing that has worked for us, I would recommend it to any acne-sufferer!

Good luck and keep with it! biggrin.gif

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Thanks for the update Kayteedid,

it's awesome when people come back after a time and report on the long-term success of the regimen. I hope some of the new people here read your post, it seems alot of people get frustrated early on and just don't give the regimen long enough to work.

I hope you have continued success! biggrin.gif


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Thanks for sharing your experience and your success with us. I'm sure this will encourage a lot of others on here who are questioning the power of the Regimen. biggrin.gif Congrats!

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Thanks for posting your story. I think it's an important one. The regimen does take months to work completely for some people.

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