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i've been making my own kefir from raw goats milk for at least a month or two now. and i'm not sure how to feel about it exactly. i originally had been using no dairy whatsoever, but started making my own kefir as i heard about its benefits as the ultimate probiotic. i thought there is a chance i had candida, and well, since i started drinking the kefir, for one reason or another, i am not really worried about the candida anymore. since i do not like to take any supplements of any kind, and prefer whole foods for everything, the kefir seems like a perfect solution for me.

i can't report any sure benefits or disadvantages to using it, so i was wondering if anyone else has noticed anything in particular. the only thing i can say that i might think is due to the kefir (but maybe not) is this strange light wet cough during eating. there will often be one cough during a meal (whether it includes kefir or not) where i will cough up some saliva. the two things that i think seem to aggravate this cough are either the kefir or flax seeds (as there are mucilengenous).

a little background: i think my acne is due to an inability to digest fats. i eliminated all fats (including nuts, olives, avocado) except for the kefir, raw egg yolks, (both of which i have about 3 times per week), and an occasional tablespoon of cold pressed organic olive oil and home ground flax seed. it seems that this has stopped new breakouts. and i will continue this at least until i am through with a few liver flushes. i have just begun the chinese bitters, coptis, gcg process with sensiblehealth tinctures.

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read http://www.mercola.com/forms/kefir.htm

i used to eat it a lot. i would still eat it all the time if it weren't so expensive (i bought it at the health food store) or if it were easier to make...

then again, i never saw any improvement in my skin when i was eating it. it's not like it's going to cure acne all by itself. but i do think it's great for your overall health and could help your skin if used in conjunction with many other things.

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thanks for your input.

could anything get much easier to make than kefir though? you just put the raw milk in a jar that has your 'kefir grains' and let it sit for a day or two, then drain, and refill!

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