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After reading reviews on Glycolic acid...

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I read lots of comments from various forums on Glycolic Acid to remove scars. A lot of people said that when they used 30%, it made their skin tingle and even burn a bit. Well, I accidentaly bought some 50%, however I went ahead and used it anyway, earlier today.

I dabbed my finger in it and then gently applied it to my red marks area, strangely, after a minute of it being on, I felt absolutely no feeling. After nearly 2 minutes I washed it off with water and then rubbed a water and bicarbonate soda mix into the area to neatralise it. Well, my skin hasn't turned red as I heard it may well do..my red marks still remain...I didn't expect them to disappear that fast but the fact that the acid left absolutely no signs of burning and that I felt nothing doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

I guess time will tell but my question would be, what was your skins reaction the moment you applied it?

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I use 20% glycolic every other day, leave on for 5-10 minutes before my shower and then exfoliate with sugar mixed with tea tree oil. And after that treatment, I feel my face tingle a little. Now, I don't think it does much to improve my acne scars, although I believe it prevents breakouts, minimizes my pores, and leaves my face with "a healthy glow" (for what that's worth)

I was once given a 70% glycolic pad as a sample and I applied to my face, focusing on 2 big keloid scars on my chin. After about 5 minutes it actually started to dissolve the skin on the top of the scars and they started to bleed. I got a little nervous so I washed the peel off. In retrospect, I think the 70% improved my keloid scars (just a little).....but it was a little scarry. But if 50% glycolic isn't even making you burn, you may be a candidate for 70%. Now, I am not a plastic surgeon, but my doctor used the analogy of lifting weights and glycolic pad percentages. You start off low and as your body gets use to it, you keep increasing to the next level. But be careful with 70%, it is strong stuff!

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I use 30% glycolic acid once a week, I have been doing this for five weeks now. I apply it and leave it on for 15 minutes, I must say my red marks have fadded a lot and my ice pick scarring on my temple areas are fading alot. I plan on starting to use the peel twice a week, until all my red marks are faded. My skin now looks better without makeup, I have gotten a lot of compliments.- hope this helps

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