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Going to the Gym at 1 pm

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ive mainly been working out at night so that i can come home right away, take a shower and do my regular regimen.

However im gonna start hitting the gym earlier, 1pm to be precise...mainly because i can make better gains if i workout in the early afternoon.

Anyway im not sure how to fit my regimen into this?

I plan on waking up at around 8-9 am, showering, doing the regimen, and then going about my business until i hit the gym at 1pm. Then after i hit the gym ill be showering again...

So what should i do?

This is keeping me awake right now so i dunno wtf.

I usually shower twice a day, morning and night. Is a 3rd shower too much ? Should i skip the night shower?

Showering after the gym is a must, and i dont like the feeling of waking up and not taking a shower. Will the BP wash off after the 2nd shower 5 hours later?

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When I workout late in the day this is what I do.

Do my regimen in the morning and go about my day. (Sometimes I don't even use it during the day)

Before my workout I wash my face and apply light moisturiser.

Head to the gym.

After that, that's it. I shower and cleanse and apply moisturiser again until it's time to go to bed, then I do the Regimen.

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Don't wash 3 times a day. For most people this is overly irritating. I also work out during the day. Since I just lift weights I usually don't get drenched in sweat, so I just gently pat my face dry with a towel, put on a little deodorant and a new set of clothes and I'm on my way. http://www.acne.org/faq.html#sweat

If you are drenched in sweat and have to shower, just avoid getting your face wet or washing your face. Then when you get out of the shower just gently pat dry. You do not need to wash your face again. In fact, you definitely want to avoid that.

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Alright cool, thanks for the info guys.

I have an aloe toner by DDF that i can use multiple times a day (3-4) and i do use it multiple times, just when my face needs some refreshing. Its really good.

So my plan is to wake up and shower/wash/regimen as usual.

Hit the gym and shower again, avoiding getting my face wet and then simply tone to get rid of excess sweat and dirt and oil etc.

At night i will do the regimen as usualy and skip the shower, for the sake of ease.

thanks again guys.

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