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I read on this site that one should run a needle in a flame to sterilize it to lance a pimple. this is BAD advice!!!! Running a needle in open flame BURNS AWAY alloy coatings and can expose metals that can irritate (think nickel, a metal that many have an allergy to) or metals that can be poisonous.

To sterilize a needle for your OWN use:

Thread the needle (so you have a way to hold onto it) and submerge in boiling water for 2 minutes. Boiling the needle kills any bacteria that you would commonly be exposed to without wearing down its alloy coating. Boiling will not kill viruses such as HIV or hepatitis, but unless someone in the household has these infectious diseases the chances of being exposed to it are slim. If you ARE exposed to these viruses, DONT USE A NEEDLE. (most people dont have an autoclave, which is the only surefire way to kill HIV and hepatitis.) if you are simply paranoid, DONT USE A NEEDLE! unless a needle is surgical grade (which i dont know about you, but i dont have one laying around), its surface is not prepared for medical use, and may be porous and retain bacteria.

All in all, just be careful. try to insert the needle as superficially as possible, as it should not cause bleeding.

p.s. has anyone tried benzaclin? i think it works better than BP alone. Cindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide work better when paired together (and thats been tested to be a fact.) i definately prefer it over benzimycin, which is BP and erythromycin combined. Benzaclin is fairly gentle, too.

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