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I use an M3 Power and I shave while I'm in the shower with a fog-free mirror.

I've been using Edge's Ultra Sensitive Gel which is fragrance and dye free but I still get the bumps and ingrown hairs.

Should I try something like Edge's Extra Protection gel? Or Gillette's new Comfort Gel?

I guess my question is would more moisturizing help? At this point I'd rather have a few new zits than an ingrown hair or razor bump.


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I know I am a woman but use the products with the African American man on the can. I bought them and they really do work! My hubby started using the cream to shave his face with and we dont buy anything else. I buy the shaving cream and after shave conditioner in the "bump fighter" brand. And I buy "high times bump stopper 2"razor bump treatment.

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Razor bumps I believe are caused by irritation of the hair follicle. If you have thicker hairs, you are more likely to get razor burn. The point of shaving cream/gel is to soften the hairs, so it makes it more easier for the razor blade to slice em'.However, alot of the shave creams/gels out there contain soap, which is very drying, the opposite of what you want. "More conditioning" is the key. I am a woman and I have gotten razor burn on my legs before whenever I have used shaving cream or gels. I have used Hair Conditioner (any kind usually works) in replace. Think about it. What does the conditioner do? It softens your hair. So it will do the same thing for your shaving purpose. I haven't gotten razor burn in years. Hair Conditioner works!

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