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I fininshed my accutane august 2004

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I finished my accutane in august. my skin never became completely clear but it was improved. instead of say 6 pimples i had 2(the blackheads hardly ever went away) for about 4 months but since january it slowly started to become like it was and right now its like id never done accutane.

i only had a medium amount of acne, now im back to big red zits and blackheads and actually i think it might be a little worse than it was before...

i hope any of you that are starting accutane have a better success story

i was content for a little while but the months of accutane were hell for me and my final word is. its not worth it.

-i asked my doctor how i should take care of my skin when i finished accutane and i did the usual, washed in the morning at night, used lotion.

one good thing was that although i had pimples my skin looked better, i had a better complexion but its all down the toilet now.

-back to being miserable and debating going to the derm again.


-im a 16 year old girl

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i feel for you girl, i really do. Same thing happend to me, never got completely clear, but a substantial improvement. Then under a year later back to being bad again. I was on a moderate dose too, 80 mg /day/5 months. (170lb)

Try and go on it again if you can. I have read where some people never obtain clearing on first dose, then go on a second and are fixed for many years.

I started a second does, and from just one month my skin was better than after my previous entire 5 month course. So I would definetly go back on it if you could. And up the dosage.

I wish I knew more about dosing and how the Acc. works. I do know that everyone is different. For example my acne was never as bad as some people that go on it, but they have much better results. Strange, huh?

I also hear a lot that a minority of people get no results from Accutane. I would be curious as to know why that is. Why do some people respond better than others? Why are some cured for many years and some just months?

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i can only assume that for some there are other factors at work other than overactive sebaceous glands, which accutane takes care of. My acne is strictly oil related, as long as my skin is dry i get no spots at all. Some have very dry skin, yet still acne. those are maybe the minority who struggle most, and for whom antibiotics are more effective.

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