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Ive been researchign garlic a bit, and have been reading some posts, and have realzied that garlic may help your skin.

I know that it is good at repelling mosquetoes, and has an anti-bacterical affect on ur body.

I would liek to know more info about garlic.

I probably am going to take galric pills rather than the clove only becaus ei knwo it tates better.

Are they generally 100%???

Does it make ur skinn smell like garlic??

What other benefits coemf rom garlic?

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I take 3000MG of Garlic Everyday and see no difference i think it's just an Antixodiant for the body thats all...

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hmm i c

Well im gonna start takign it anyways so that during camp i wont get infested with mosquitos

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I've read that the real thing is better than pills and that goes for other fruits and vegetables, too. The experts say that pills only extract some of the essential ingredients from a given food, but in nature the item (garlic in this case) is comprised of numerous trace compounds that are missing in the pills or are destroyed during the extraction process (e.g. heating, etc.). Therefore the pill may not give you the complete benefits of the actual food.

That being said, I still take pills and various powders simply because they are much more convenient than chopping, dicing, jucing etc.

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