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I know the regular version has 0.3%. Could this % lead to irritation?

Does anyone know how much is in the sensitive version?


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There istriclosan in the ingredients of Clearasil Daily Face Wash (sensitive skin)

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, potassium myristate, potassium sterate, potassium palmitate, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, myristic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid, potassium laurate, lauric acid, polyquaternium-10, triclosan, pentasodium pentetate, tetrasodium etidronate, aloe barbadensis gel.

Considering it's near the end of the list, I would assume it's a small amount. Less than or equal to 0.3%?

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I've read that triclosan is not a broad-range antimicrobial. So, I don't know how effective it'll be in killing your P. acnes bacteria. Also, I used to use the Clearasil Daily Face Wash twice a day for a couple of months and never did anything for my skin besides dry it out. However, if it's working for you, that's great.

A better antimicrobial would be PCMX otherwise known as chloroxylenol. That is a more superior antibacterial, antifungal, etc. and should help your skin. However, I do not believe that the States have that as an active ingredient and any face wash. However, it is widely used in presurgical handwashes (or at least in medical facilities).

Does anyone know if PCMX causes bacterial resistence in the long run?

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in some studies triclosan has been found to cause cancer.

here in Uk shops like tescos have removed their own brand soap cleansers with triclosan in

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