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My new approach

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I have a tendency to get really impatient with products if I don't get total clearing in about 3-4 weeks. I also don't like how many chemicals and crap are in most everything you can buy!

I wonder why, for me, the things that work the best are the cheapest and most natural, but also smell the worst!? Well who knows, but I started using Margo--an ayurvedic neem oil soap from India. It doesn't smell good. I think a lot of people would reject it just because of the smell, but, in a way I've gotten used to it, unlike fake chemical fruity smells that grow worse to me over time, this has seemed to diminish. It has put a stop to the angry inflamed acne I used to get. Like tea tree oil, neem is from a tree, and very antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-whatever you don't want.

What I'm left with is tiny clogged pores (milia?) that take forever to go away. My forehead remains my only trouble spot. I don't know how many clogged pores I have there, I've never counted, and they're not very noticeable but yet I hate them so MUCH! So a couple of days ago, I started using ACV as a toner and this has already brought a lot of junk to the surface. Some even popped on their own, instantly!

I don't moisturize anymore. It's getting hot now and I don't think my skin needs it. I do wear sunblock though. If I do go back to moisturizing next winter, I think I'll just use something really natural, like jojoba oil.

I like natural regimens but the "water only" one doesn't work for me.

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eusa_dance.gif So far so very very good! NO active pimples, and I'm even about to start my period. This is fantastic. I think the biggest contributor has been the ACV--it has helped me more than anything. I also started using Jason tea tree gel. I don't know how much it's helping but it's soothing and I like the way it smells.

I somehow suckered myself in to ordering samples of Arsoa Queen Silver Soap. I love soap, what can I say. This stuff is like $38 for a full size bar though, so in a way I hope I don't wind up liking it. When my samples arrive I'm going to quit using everything else so I can see how good this soap really is on its own. That's a little scary--i hate to quite a regimen that's gotten me almost totally clear.

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Um, thanx but I've done the bp and it's NOT for me. Red marks that last forever, plus, it doesn't actually get rid of my acne, unlike my current regimen. Didn't you read my post? My regimen is WORKING. I have NO active acne.....

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Jorrell are you like a promoter for Neemdirect?

Anyway I tried to order something from your site and it is broken.

It is unable to calculate international shipping costs.

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