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can the sugar in fruits cause acne?

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Probably not

This sugar isnt refined and is in its pure state.

Ive asked nutritionist if fruit are ok for general diet, they said that it does containe suger, but as long as u dont make it ur main source of food for the day than ur perfectly fine and can eat as much as ur heart desires...

Think about the olden days before all this refined sugar crap.... we were all healthier, excpet for the fact that million of peopel died due to teh plague, murder, pillaging, rabid rape spreading STDs, wich hunts, the fact that the majority of people were filthy vermin.

If take all that aside, eyh we were pretty healthy ;-)

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Actually, I believe it can. But, from what i've heard, only if you're lactose intolerant. People with lactose intolerance cannot break down fructose into regular glucose due to a lack of the enzyme lactose. How the consequences manifest I cannot predict nor conclude.

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yes it can- any sugar can cause a spike in insulin levels which causes a spike in tesstosterone which leads to oilyness and more acne

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Well, my son greatly improved by substituting fruit, including dried non sulphured fruit, in place of white sugar. Some people are sensitive to some very high sugar fruits, but in general, fruits are excellent for acne. Expecially, if you are incorporating fruit into a sensible healthy diet that would include lots of vegetables, lean proteins, lots of fiber and if you are eating grains/breads eat them in their most natural state.

My son is eating a huge bowl of fresh cherries right now. I am about to go get some before he eats them all. And my other son, 20, is home from college (university) and I am sure he will eat me out of house and home.

Good luck with your healthy lifestyle choices.

The Scarlet Tannager is eating all of our ripe blueberries! I could scream. I love birds and I feed the hummingbirds and other birds all the time and am happy to have attracted this beautiful bird, but dang if he isn't pissing me off! I may have to do away with him ninja.gif

Just kidding - I couldn't do it. eusa_shifty.gif

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