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How to gauge the level of acne you have?

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Well, I've had my fair share of acne in my lifetime, being 21 now and moving from University into a proper career I'm really starting t take notice of my appearence.

I have tried every over-the-counter treatment there is and also some treatments from the derm, the latest one is Erythromycin and it seems to be kinda working but I still break out.

Now I must confess, other people tell me my acne is not noticable and when I run my hands down my face I cant feel any pimples, they seem to be marks more than spots. But I still do get the odd nasty spot around my mouth specifically. The real problems start when I shave, if I dry shave then its all ok, but when I wet shave my skins looks like it breaks out ALOT. Although it isnt breaking out, its just the spots I have reddening. I have been trying for years to just get clear skin but to no avial.

The peroxide treatment seems to be for more drastic cases and I dont think my skin qualifies for it. My question is what do you guys do for the type of problem I have, I mean its not really noticable, but at times it can really break out. I'm using the Clearisil Rapid Action Creme and moisturising with Nivea For Men Q10 Creme, maybe one of those is conflicting with my skin I dunno, the derm wasnt very helpful, he seemed to give me a pre-made answer to all my questions.

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hi whats d craic,

listen i no wa u mean bout the marks n u cant feel anythin,n u get pimples sometimes round ur mouth.

i d exact same, n i think u should use the BP stuff cuz it duz really stop pimples from formin, n then it'll giv time for the marks t fade.

cuz i hardly get any spots but d odd oned dat i do are also round my mouth but i think d BP givs ur skin a chance to get rid of the marks.it wud take a while tho cuz dey hav2grow out with your skin!an if u do decide t t use it make sure u use d moisturizor he sez or else im tellin u...u get so much flakes!!!i was so embarrassed!!den i got the AHA cream n put it on b4 d BP n it stops d flaked in like one day.

other dan dat method, i hav no other ideas.dis is d only one iv found anyway!

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Chris, are you sure what you have is acne? Or is it follicular irritation from shaving, which looks acne-like but really isn't the same thing. When you shave are you shaving with, or against, hair growth? What are you using to shave with?

You've been to a derm so I'd assume he looked closely and diagnosed but you never know!

If it really is irritation from shaving then I'd think there are other ways to treat the issue.

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