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I just got off Accutane two months ago so I am now starting Retin A. I heard there is some kind of magical 30 minutes or something you have to wait after or before putting it on or something like that. Does anyone know what I'm talking about lol? My doctor didn't really tell me how to use it he just gave it to me and told me not to put too much on.

Also, can I use an AHA wash with Retin A?

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30 minutes before or after what?. I heard a while ago that when first going on this you should begin in incrememnts. ie for the first few nights leave it on for half hour or so then wash it off. then increase to a couple hours then all night. I made up those times but you get what i'm saying. at the least ive bumped this so someone who kows can answer for ya

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Guest Marino

You mean the half an hour after washing your skin? If thats the case dont worry about it [unless you've got sensitive skin].

A good guide is when you come out of the shower do you have a pinkish glow. If so wait wait half an hour, if not dry up and slap it on [you can always be on the safe side though].

It's a good thing you maintaining your skin after accutane with topical Vitamin A. So many people have to take Accutane a second or evan 3rd time, maintaining it with retinoids is why better [less scar potential].

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