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For the guys that work out

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I read somewhere that guys working out could stimulate the male

hormones and that could break you out. I think its a stretch.

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Acne vs link, I hope you don't go just from one confrontation like this. We've all been in some kind of confrontation or other at some point on this board; lord knows I've been in quite a few myself! You have valuable contributions to make and I hope you wouldn't leave just because of this thread.

I think acne vs link's point is simply that people whose sole sport is to develop their muscle mass far beyond what could ever be required for virtually any conceivable situation in day to day modern life is almost comical in its narcissism. But then again, as sports go, it isn't necessarily any more irrelevant to modern life than the ability to throw a ball into a hoop or hit a piece of rubber on a sheet of ice. The debate seems to have arisen out of a disctinction between even dedicated and disciplined resistance training and overzealous weightlifting to the level of lifestyle-defining bodybuilding. Blackbirdbeatle very perceptively made this distinction. I think I myself subscribe to Dave Clear Face's so-called "physical culturists" whereby I want to live to my optimum genetic potential and so flesh out my masculinity accordingly, but not obsessively. My working out is an important part of my life but one heavily counterbalanced with an active and fulfilling life outside the gym, in both work and play. I think the healthiest motto to adopt in this regard is "mens sana in corpore sano," a healthy body in a healthy mind. As far as physical prowess as correlated with muscle mass is concerned, while spending all day for months and even years in the gym will likely give you (especially when combined with a high-protein diet and sufficient rest between workouts) a large, powerful physique, it won't necessarily make you any quicker in a bar fight. What matters more, arguably, is the fact that just LOOKING larger and stronger is enough to deter any would-be geezer from hitting on your girl or starting a fight with you. THIS is why so many guys want to get all big, and why most guys would be perfectly happy to have huge muscles even if this meant no difference in strength. It is, as with so many things, to a large extent psychological, and in our case as muscle-seeking males arises primarily from an evolved equation of taking up space and size and strength with male status, which persists in our brains even to this day, despite the fact that being able to bench twice as much as your boss doesn't make one iota of difference to the fact that he still earns twice as much as you and you both have to drive to work and sit at desks all day anyway.

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Difficult one. Id ask, what is your motivation to lift weights in the first place?

I dont think there is any other reason than vanity, is there?

Weight training isnt a necessity, its purely and simply vanity, isnt it?

...light weight training is a necessity, lifting light weights, ie not slogging ur guts out, is important. And this can be achieved simply by resistance training, can it not... press ups, sit ups, pull ups, squats?? These are what you need arent they?

Here lies the crucial difference, whilst weight training is healthy, body building isnt. Bit of a subjective statement, but u know what i mean.

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1-weight training is not going to harm your skin. if anything it will help your skin due to the large stress release of heavy/hard training

2-i lift weights and eat a lot of food and have not had one little pimple in the last year. i post here for fun occasionaly, like others. what is your current acne status?

3-improving self image and thus confidence, irregardless, is always a GOOD and GREAT thing.. not a "ok" thing

4-if anybody is vain, it's people on acne.org. the vast majority of people here would not be content with just no pimples. the vast majority of people here seek absolute perfection in skin, and this is undeniable if you look through posts of people who have gotten "clear".

5-getting stronger and looking better, no matter how you slice it, is fun for a lot of people. despite what you read in your local newspapers, the vast majority of females like it, too. not many girls aside from thsoe on TRL and MTV like the anorexic looking male look.

6-there is quite a bit of research to support that heavy, HARD lifting/exercise is what has the most profound effect on prevention of heart disease and other issues. in fact, there was recent literature released that compared the effects of heavy, hard lifting/labor over a span of 20 years to people who just did ligth activity such as walking, jogging, etc.. the group that performed heavy, hard exercise such as resistance training or construction/roofing work, had a 53% less chance to aquire heart disease.. where as the group who did nothing but ligth activity such as walking, jogging, light sports, etc had no benefit in regards to prevention of disease

if you have access to medical journals, i can get you some refs if you want.

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Hang on, just because heavy weight training doesnt create problems for you, you assume it gives you the right to preach to others that it is a GREAT thing? We could go round in circles here except i believe...

"Never to argue with a fool. Someone watching may not be able to tell the difference."

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. Whats more, we are aware that heavy weight training stimulates human growth hormone, and the likely effect of this on your skin could be bad.


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I would also like to add that while I didn't seek weightlifting to boost my self-confidence, I ended up getting a boost after becasue I had improved my body. Kind of like how some people's confidence skyrockets after they get clear skin becuase they can't ever remember not having clear skin.

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Wanting to cure your acne is different, its a disease, a departure from good health, you wouldnt call someone trying to fight off brain cancer vain would you!!

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I currently use Optimum Nutritions 100% Whey and it doesn't affect my skin in anyway, however obviously everyones different so if you do think it is a contributing factor in your breakouts, discontinue use.

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