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I'm thinking of going on accutane

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Well, I've tried it all. At first, I was on antibiotics then came creams(sulfur, BP, retin-a, tazorac) but all these did was make my skin feel like crap for the years I've used them. My acne would still remain and my face looked terrible. Then I started with the diet approach and have been eating no acne causing foods for the past 5+ months but still I get acne. My face is clearer than before, yes, but my chin right now has three terribly painful and red cysts, one of them swelling up my face. I have an appointment on monday and if my skin isn't looking better by then, I think I'll ask my derm for Accutane. I just don't have the patience to keep with this diet craze anymore, I've been avoiding everything enjoyable and eating dull tasting food for months and it still doesn't help. I just want it gone. Acne has ruined my social life, I've had it all through my high school years and now am on my second year of college and my acne is still terrible, I can't stand it anymore. I always stare at the floor and almost never talk to new people because I'm afraid of my acne. They say acne is caused by stress, but my acne is the cause of all my stress :/. I know there's an initial breakout but the way I see it since it's summer, I can just avoid people for a while if it gets too bad and just read in my room or something.

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Hi, SteveLewis. I read several of your posts in diet/holistic forum. I was a bit surprised to read you want to go on accutane. I assumed the diet and liver flushing was coming along very well for you. I understand about the diet thing too. For two weeks (I know this isn't a long time), I ate nothing but fish, veg and fruits. I think it prevented big painful cycsts from forming, but I was still getting those annoying pustules. Then when my cycle came around, my face erupted and my skin went back to being very severe. If you have tried everything and it sounds like you have, go on accutane. I went on accutane about 6 years ago and although my acne came back couple of months after I finished the course, I still think it was worth it. I'm on accutane again (started 10 days ago). I resisted taking accutane for a very long time until recently when my skin went from moderate to extremely severe. I know many people have reservations of taking accutane and rightfully so, but the way I see it the longer you wait around to treat your acne with other products and getting minimal results, go on accutane to save time and most importantly, scarring. Many people have amazing results with accutane. I wasn't in this percentage and I think even after my second course, I would probably break out again. The reason why I'm taking accutane again even knowing there is a good chance of not completely clearing up is because the breakouts after accutane is more manageble than before accutane. Whatever decision you settle with, I wish you great success in having clear skin. Wish me the same too! Good luck!

P.S.: I have been very curious about liver flushing for many weeks. I know you've done this (i read it on posts) and how did that go for you? Was it ineffective?

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