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u can only give them time to heal. i hate the red marks they're actually worst than the actual acne more embarassing.

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I second erpatter's claim. There's something different about the surface of your forehead's skin and your cheek's (the amount of fat?). But that's not the point. Red marks definitely heal faster on my forehead. Patience Power5220, they will fade! But, 50 red marks (I hope exaggeration) is quite a bit and it must make you quite conscious cry.gif . Try applying some type of concealer.

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Try Using Delna's Method?

my skin feels smotth and pretty after using this lol.gif

About the steps:

1. Wash face with cleanser or facial bar soap.

2. Get BS, couple teaspoons...I dont think you have to be exact. Just pour some into a small bowl or something. Then mix it up with a very small amount of water. Just untill it becomes BARELY pastey. Then, with your face wet(and rinsed off) gently rub the BS mixture on your face.

Rinse off.

3. Dry your face.

4. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar mixture with cotton ball. Start off with very diluted mixture. Meaning 1 ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar) to 7 water(teaspoons or whatever). After several days increase it to 1:6 ratio....etc....untill it is a 1:1 ratio.

5. Wait 10 minutes.

6. Wash ACV off and then dry.

7. EGG MASK. (1 tablespoon eggwhite with a squeeze of lemon). Make sure you mix it up very well. I usually put more than a tablespoon of egg white. Get it all over your face evenly distributed.

8. wait 15 minutes or more. Just wait untill it all dries up

9. Rinse face off

10. Dry face and wait 10 minutes. lol...brush your teeth or something

11. Apply BP cream. I just love dan's gel. It is much better then Neutrogena on the spot.

12. wait 5 mins and apply the moisturizer if needed....

* eusa_dance.gif

works wonders for red spots , brown spots, etc eusa_clap.gifcool.gif

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