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little white bumps

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when i stretch my skin out i can see lots and lots of small white bumps that look like small pimples waiting to come up, Does this mean that i will be having a breakout soon i think i have had the bumps for a while but just may not have noticed them before. How do i stop them from forming into PIMPLES other then the regimen??? Is this Normal.??? and some other questions below if you can be bothered reading

I have been using the regimen for maybe 2weeks or a bit over I havent noticed a massive change. I noticed that at the begining like the firt week it worked pretty well but just recently i have been getting more pimples especially around the jaw line just tiny little ones that arent very visible but i can feel them. I have been using the regimen on and off like i might miss a night every now and then and also i dont know if this is a big deal or not but i didnt moisturise after applying the BP cream I would just keep it on overnight I have been using the 5%BP gel but it hasnt really irritated my skin at all can anyone tell me if i had done anything major Wrong??? like anything that would have prevented the regimen from working and also how to clear my jawline pimples.

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2nd- what you described about the white bumps is EXACTLY what i cover in my thread. check it out. those white bumps are called "milia", and are from dead skin that was never properly exfoliated, and got stuck underneath your skin. watch out- because they usually transform into pretty big ones and the bp cant do much about it. using 5% bp may have contributed to this, because it is harsher and probably irritated more skin. if you dont want to get any more of them, see my thread, and pick up some of the AHA face cream i mention, adding that into your reigmen before the bp but after cleansing every night. much more detail in the thread.

Dan-- pending results of the AHA cream, i do think that a sticky of some sort is warrented, i believe this is the 3rd thread of the day ive answered regarding exfoliation and milia.

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