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Acne Treatment by inhibiting 5-Alpha Reductase Enz

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I really don't know about the high protein diet (never nor ever want to try it) but what about Omega 3 oil? Krill Oil?

I know spironolactone worked for my oil production because I just went off it again, and for the second time my face is back to it's hyper-oily state. It really sucks.

Saw Palmetto did nothing but upset my stomach. Zinc I take, not for oil production but more for skin healing.

I might just take the link off because I don't want to send someone on a mad dash to a homeopathic store and empty their wallet.

I guess to reduce oil I have to go prescription.


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I did find that going on a *strict* Zone diet seemed to improve my acne.

i.e. balance the protein : carb ratio to be 4:3 by grams (or calories)

There's something there, but I have no idea what enzyme was involved.

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I eat a shitload of protein every day, and my acne is better now than it ever has been. Maybe this is just a coincidence, but it could certainly be helping. Additionally the main time that I get acne is when I go out drinking. Now it could certainly be the alcohol that does it, but it could also be the high carb beer/liquor that isn't balanced out by any protein whatsoever. I mean on an average night drinking I'm getting 2000-3000 cals just from carbs, whereas in an average day I'm getting 2000-3000 cals from protein.


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