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real maverick

BP gel did NOT work but BP creme I got does work?

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Hi guys and girls,

i stumbled on this website a few months ago, and was intrigued by the regimen and had to try it, I'm very impatient so rather than wait for my BP gel to arrive I went to the shop and purchased some OXY on the spot 2.5% BP to start me off until the BP arrived.

1 week later and my skin was clear, smoother and looked amazing! and another week passed and it still looked great, better even, so I knew it wasnt just coincidence. Anyway my BP gel arrived and it was 10x bigger and cheaper too, I applied it and it absorbed better than my creme with no residue, so even better! or NOT!

A few days into using the BP gel I started to get a few spots, my clogged pores come back but I kept with it for another 2 weeks thinking it was just a small glitch but my skin stayed this way during the whole 2 weeks.

So I went back to the OXY on the spot and within 3 days my skin was clear again and its been this way for about a further 2 weeks now, my skin is smooth and clear.

So I dont know what it could be in the 2.5% BP gel thats different to whats in the 2.5% OXY but all I know is the OXY works and the BP gel doesnt.

The biggest shame is that id much rather give my money to Dan to support the forum and this system than a big company.

Maybe I can contact Dan and they can look into this, maybe a few of you guys who failed with BP gel could try this and see if it works? If it does then maybe we are one step closer to finding a cure? Who knows!

Good luck

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Do any of you fancy giving this a go? I am sure that dans regimen would work for far more peopel using this creme or maybe even the neutrogena one? We dont have that creme in the UK though so I cannot test it to find out.

So anybody willing to give this a go and see if we can work this out?

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i noticed that the gel turns my face red where the creams are milder. their was another post about this somewhere dan said his is prescription grade so it goes deep into the pore and brings evertyhign to the surface more than store bought kind. i dont know where i read that tho - i cant use gel it burns my fac.e i cant use BP very much at all but if i do i use a mask or something for 10 mintues then wash it off.

sorry im not more help

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