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wacko.gif For any one with any advice on this subject. Last week i was almost completely clear. But now i am starting my cylce again and i have broken out so badly. I have done some diet changes and i did find that epsom salt and drinking water has helped. I also use tea tree oil on occasion and use jojoba oil to moisturize. i havent changed anything...but i look aweful now. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do about the hormones that seem to be atttacking me??? i know its hormonal because it follows my cycle viciously. Im out of wack here...someone please help get my hormones under control!!!


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take vitex! (also called chaste tree berry or chasteberry).

it's supposed to regulate your hormones around that time of the month...or something.

from http://www.ovarian-cysts-pcos.com/vitex.html

"Vitex and acne. In this study, a chasteberry preparation was used in women with menstrual cycle abnormalities. Acne was either eliminated or improved during treatment.(6)

In another study, 117 women with four different types of acne were treated with a chasteberry preparation for 1-2 years. Improvement was seen after 6 weeks and by 3 months, about 70% were free of acne. Some treatment relapses were observed after 3-6 weeks.(7)

Taking Vitex. When using chaste tree berry, don’t expect immediate results. It may not have much effect until it is taken for at least 3-6 months.

It’s not the same as taking progesterone. You don’t give it, stop it, and then expect a withdrawal bleed a few days later as you would if you were taking progesterone or synthetic progestins."

i'm taking it now, and have been for about a month or so. so i guess i won't know for awhile if it's working or not. but it's worth a try. it's not expensive. and it's a completely natural thing... it can't hurt.

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iI have the same thing and I got on demulen 50. it's worked for the past 6 months but this month i had a horrible breakout. I think it was becuase i was on antibiotics for a cold.

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Thanks for your replies. I will check out chastetree. Does nayone know if you can make a tea out of it?? I was also cheking out herbals and came across False Unicorn Root, one of its specifics is hormone balancer. Does anyone know about this? and what may i ask is Demulon 50?

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