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Soooo...a bad diet is not a myth after all?

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Everywhere I've read, they all say that eating greasy foods and chocolate WILL NOT cause you to break out. But judging from things I've read here, it's not really a myth. So eating healthy is the key for good skin? Lots of veggies, lots of water, and lots of sleep?

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Thats a very hard question to answer, is a bad diet bad for your skin. It really is different for everybody.

I rememer i was to scared to eat ANYTHING because i thought id breakout, so i pretty much ate nothing but fruit and drank water but guess what? I STILL broke out with acne. But it could have been all the stess i was getting from not being able to eat what i want.

Because of the diet i had, i lost a ton of weight, too much weight, soooo....

I also tried eating EVERYTHING i wanted, chips, peanut butter, bread but guess what? I STILL broke out! It felt like whatever i did, there was no stop to this.

But i did gain some weight back so that was good, its nice to have some meat on my bones. I dont look so sick anymore.

So now im back on the diet, but not to the same extreme. I dont eat chips (i give in sometimes but i feel HORRIBLE afterwords but somtimes im lucky and i get no new zits) but i eat bread and hamburgers and whatever, and so far im getting better.

I dont know HOW, because i am doing the same things as before but i guess its less stress this time.

Is it a myth? I dont think so. I really think you are what you eat. Eat junk-food TOO MUCH and i believe it will show up on your face. With no stress and fruits and water, you SHOULD see your skin reflect your healthy diet. Hopefully.

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You can have a flawless diet and still have bad skin.

You can have a flawless diet and have great skin.

You can have a bad diet and have bad skin.

You can have a bad diet, and have great skin.

Understand? Diet plays a role in your overall health and the look and feel of your skin. If you eat loads of vegetables and fruits and vitamin and mineral enriched whole foods, it will show. However, it will not CURE acne. It actually plays a very SMALL role in acne. Why? Because acne is not cause by what you eat, it happens inside the skin, and inside the cell. Eating healthy foods will help you heal better and it will help your skin be more "immune" to acne if that makes any sense, but it won't clear your face up, and if it does, it's rare.

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