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Icing on Accutane?

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I am 2.5 months into my accutane treatment. I have just gotten over my initial breakout (or so I though) But today I have 3 or 4 bumps under my skin that I can not see. But I can feel them when I touch.

I don't know if they are going to come out as cysts or pimples. But do you think If I maybe iced them down for a little while tonight it might maybe kill the bacteria or shrink em before they even surface?

I was so happy about seeing my skin start to clear up. I knew I probably would breakout again, but now that it might be happening, I am pretty upset.

Has anyone here ever "cheated a breakout" while on accutane?

Do you think it might be okay to put on a moisturizer with salycalic (spelling?)

in it. At 0.05%???? Along with my regular moisturizer I mean?

Please advise me soon. I have to do something before bed time?

Thanx in advance..........

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I don't think icing down the bumps will help. I've heard tons of people talk about getting the bumps before though, and they just go away without ever surfacing at all. As for the saylic moist., use it if you still have some active acne, and your skin isn't too dry. If not, then just stick to normal.

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Guest Craigems

Yeh icing does help to some degree. I always found ice the best for cysts. Ice a couble of times a day... and basically i cheated also a put a touch of alcohol on those bumps to make them dry out quicker... but dont overdo it.

I'm 99% clear now so i dont need to do anything like that anymroe... its all in the past for me now smile.gif yay. Glad ur somewhat over your breakout phase! i hope u get a quicker clearance !!Patience!!

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Thanx craig. I did end up icing down my "problem areas" last night. I also put a bit of salycalic acid moisturizer in them too before bed.

No change this morning really. But that also means it didn't get worse.

Thanx for your replies. Oh, and congrats on being clear also craigems!! That's great.

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