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and so my journey begins!! i am so excited i finally got to post in here..i have been trying to log in and post a new topic for about a week now..and for whatever reason, the site wouldn't allow me in. anyone else have this problem? anyways...

i have started accutane! last wednesday night was my first dosage...i am taking the generic brand. 40 mg, once a day. i am 5'9", 155-160 lbs. so i have 6 pills in my system so far...this may be mind over matter, but i SWEAR i can see a slight difference in my face already. my back is a different story...but my face..for whatever reason..doesn't look so aggravated anymore. it's SO hard not to pick. it's been tough for me. but to be able to say that i haven't touched my face or back in a week..is a HUGE accomplishment for me. i don't want to scar. i went and picked up an accutane "first aid kit," i guess you could say..last week. lol...i picked up aquaphor, which has been working wonders for my lips...visine drops for my eyes..and fish oil supplements for my hair, in case it gets super dry and begins to thin out. so far i just notice super dry lips, and some redness in my face. other than that...no signs of a bad initial breakout..YET, anyways. my derm told me i may not get one and that it's not common..which i found odd since everyone here always talks about initial breakouts and how bad they are.

anyway..enough rambling. just wanted to fill everyone in on how i've been doing..i'm sure i'll have plenty of questions for some of you in the next couple weeks! smile.gif

take care, xoxoxo

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