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I keep tellin my dad that i need to see a doctor or sumthin but he just laughs at me and even though this is incredibly phycologically damaging and hurtfull its no where near as bad as when he tells me there not acne its just blocked pores.

Can sumone please explain.

Whats the difference between blocked pores and acne. He ses there blocked pores when they have a white head on them and are quite big.

I can ttake it any longer.

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A blocked pore tends to cause a blackhead, when it gets infected with bacteria it causes the red spots of acne, I think! But TBH it doesn't matter what it is, the main thing is if its causing you distress (which it obviously is) see your Doctor, it doesn't matter how mild it appears to other people if its affecting you get it seen.

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OK man. Listen up. All pimples/non-inflammatory acne are caused by blocked pores. Definitely...No doubt about that

What exactly does it look like? Are they red inflamations? Or are they little bumps with no redness? DO SOME RESEARCH!

Is your dad a doctor? Because if he is he should have is liscense stripped away.

Oh man, I just love it when parents just begin to philosophize...Thinking everything is common sense. And being 100% sure about it...

If you can, fix your english because it is a bit confusing...Please dont tell me you are American.

Here is a link for more information:


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If it's black - it's a blackhead. If you squeeze them, they could become irritated and become infected and may clog up again.

If it's white - it's an infected whitehead. If you squeeze them, they could spread infection.

If it's red - it's an infection that will give rise to a whitehead or could be a cyst or may disappear. If you squeeze them, they could spread infection.

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