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big difference using BP gel once vs twice a day?

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I´ve been using BP gel 5% every night the past month or so (started with 5% cream before christmas). I find the gel version works the best. However i´ve only been putting it on before bedtime. Should I go for twice/day?

One more thing...I only wash my face with water 30 min before I apply BPgel. Should I start using a wash?

My acne has improved a lot - I no longer get any big zits. The thing Im still struggling with is black-/whiteheads and oily skin. I really hate them evil.gif

Mostly I get small yellow ones(zits) with no redness around them. these things can come out with no notice at all, like being out clubbing. doubt.gif I have no idea why I keep getting these...

Will Bp twice/day improve my black-/whiteheads or should I try some other product in the mornings?

Thanks for any input from u guys!



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Definetly use it in the morning and at night before bed.

I haven't heard anything good about 5% BP or anything other than 2.5% though so I can't comment on that.

You can use a wash/cleanser if you want, I'm almost positive a gentle cleanser should help with the the small yellow pimples you are talking about (Perhaps Milia.)

Also, are you using a moisturizer everyday? If not, go get one that is dermatologist tested and safe to use. Moisturiser is essential.

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Go 'head and try the regimen. That should get you to 100% clear hopefully. I experiment from time to time. My last experiment was going to once daily bp application and I ended up breaking out. Now I'm back to twice daily and my skin is clear again.

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