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scar revision technology

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What developments have occured or are under proccess actually?

Anything useful? hopeful?

I'm amazed we are still so far behind.

A little of topic i saw this special on the health channel of a girl who suffered severe burns to her cheeks, what they did is sugically plant to "balls" on her cheeks which made her look really odd and scary, i'm not being cruel just saying the truth, she looked really, really weird i mean imagine having two balls on your cheeks ( inside ), well the thing is this stretchedsome healthy skin and when they removed the implants the did surgery on her cheeks and the new skin covered her cheeks which resulted in some great looking skin for this poor girl who had burnt cheeks, this may be useful for some really severe acne scarring, just my tought ans sharing info.

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If one's face is overall scarred, where one would have the skin streched balls installed? In severe acne scarred people there usually is not enough healthy skin to work with. The problem with skin elsewhere is that it is little different in color and structure.

Lots of punch autografts (kind of punch floats but done like punch grafts) following finally with one or two dermabrasion may be the most working technology to change the outlook of deep acne scars. But it is expensive. My 10 punch autograts took little over one hour effective operation time in a operation theathre (+ 1.5h around it). If one has 50 scars operated like that and then after two dermabrasions, the final cost wont' be a small one.

I don't believe fillers will be the answer, unless the filler is somehow patient's own tissue grown in the test bowl outside the body with a help of gene technology in the future.

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