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What is your experience using toners? what do they do for you?

Hi I have recently been using a Clinique toner, which is probably the most well-known department store line for facial toners (clinique has like 20 diff. toners) and i have noticed that after i put it on with a cottonball, my face is smoother. I have a big problem with flakiness, a problem which seems to worsen my acne and make makeup appear caked on. Now when i put my makeup on it looks flawless, like im wearing nothing because my skin is so smooth and my skin is finally clear because of this product! I have never used a toner before except for ones that contain only alcohol (which is supposedly BAD for your skin) and those stridex pads awhile back. My skin is not only clear now after a year of sry flaky skin and acne, it is glowing! My skin glows and when i put on a moisturizing makeup after the toner, the makeup doesnt seep into my skin after 2 hours and stays put through the whole day. My skin is calmer and less irritated from using this product. When i read the ingredients on the bottle i wished it was a lie becuase the toner contains alcohol, however it says "purified alcohol denat." whatever that means. But i did buy the 1st toner out of the 20 of them, which is for super-sensitive skin and so i am guessing that there must be not too much alcohol in it (doesn't smell it anyways). The ingredients:

water, purified alcohol denat., witch hazel, butylene glycol, allantoin, glycerin, sodium phosphate, trisodium edta, methylparaben, fd & c yellow no. 5, fd& c blue no. 1

I don't know too much about witch hazel i have heard that it is used as a toner, and i know that glycerin binds moisture to skin, everything else?

So i just want to know what all of you think about toners and if any of you have used this particular one. Also, I would defiantely reccomend this product for you if you have the same problems with your skin that i have.

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my derm told me to stay away from it...and in the mornin all u need is to splash water cuz cleanser u dont need in the morning , so iwas usin a toner in the mornings which helped take out left over oils from the night

but now im using ACV at night and in the morning as a toner..no other creams..i find this is the best

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