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When acne begins to subside naturally, how long

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I'm 17, and over the past year or so I'd say my full body acne got the worst it has ever been by a fair leap up from the past 5 years I've had it. Over the past 2 months or so I basically stopped using any treatments as I basically gave up as I'd tried pretty much everything in some form or another over the 6 years I've had to deal with it. Over the past two months I've noticed a bit of lessening of my acne everywhere and think it may be subsiding naturally.

If this is whats happening, how long does it generally take for acne to go away? Like will it go away over a year or will it very slowly get better over a matter of years until it's gone?

I'm a bit weary that the change I've seen is caused by the fact that I've stopped using all topicals, including even moisturizer, but the change (if it even is one and not just a luck streak) has been fairly slow and my skin generally reacts to whatever I'm doing to it pretty soon and stays that way, whether good or bad. Plus I once went off all topicals for like over a month before and my face got gradually worse and worse until my mother actually commented and said I should start using stuff again.

I'm thinking maybe I've reached pretty much the end or the peak of puberty and it is FINALLY subsiding. I'm pretty annoyed It's lasted this long as I started it so early, my voice changed and I started getting pimples at the end of 5th grade for cripes sake! I've also noticed a decrease in sex drive over the past month, where as it had probably been at it's highest ever just a bit ago. Could be mental reason for that rather then a hormonal one though.

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wow maybe it stopped cuz u quit using all that bull shit products on it - mabye it will take long enogh for the immune system to kill it off now that ur letting ur body take care of it. it takes the body liek 2 weeks to fight off a flu virus - so for acne i have no idea how long it would take. keep us posted tho. very intersting

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