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I survived CO2-will dermabrasion be the same

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Hi to all you dermabraders out there. One quick question as I am now seriously worried about this orange peel texture thing. My skin is very soft and smooth and pretty in the areas that I dont have scars.

I have had CO2 laser on one part of my face and noticed no change in my skin texture...also didnt notice any improvement. Thus, I am trying dermabrasion in two weeks now.

If I didnt get the orange peel thing from CO2 laser, do you think it is safe to assume that I wont get it from dermabrasion.

I hate the unknown, I have done things to my face in the past that I regretted, I just need to make a fully informed decision and I am running out of time. shock.gifwacko.gif

Thanks everyone,


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I would say there is no real way of knowing how your skin will react to dermabrasion. I landed up with some texture problems from CO2, but never had a problem with dermabrasion.

Are you having it done with the wire or the wheel? I have had both and never had any problems. I wish you luck and great healing!

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Is there a big difference between the wire and the wheel? I am actually unsure which one I am having done. Guess I should get more informed...

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My apologies for chiming in here; maybe I should post a separate thread...but I've been reading other threads (most recently, the 30% SA) about how certain procedures have altered the texture and/or pore size of some patients. Please forgive my ignorance, but if pore size is genetic, then wouldn't any damage done to it, say from laser, peels, or dermabrasion, be reversible? (I pray that's the case anyway.)

Wouldn't another procedure to remove the epidermis again restore original pore size? If not, how come? It sounds logical, although I should know by now that this scar-revision monkey business defies logic sometimes. What is the science behind it?

Also, with regard to the 30% SA thread, I thought peels were designed to minimize pore size or improve texture. How is it that it actually did the reverse? I guess I'm grasping straws here (or more like seeking solace). I was interested in perhaps a TCA peel/Jessner to restore my pore size. Aside from severe burns if not administered correctly, I thought chemical peels were typically good. I was surprised to read about the SA peels increasing pore size.

Jen, I'm sure you will do fine with the dermabrasion. Frankly, I think I was/am just an outlier (I usually am for everything else under the sun.) If you are having your dermabrasion performed by Dr. Y, then it will be with a wire brush. Best wishes to you.

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