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I have never really used anything on my face to help the acne and now im on tane i felt even more like there was no need. However recently from using moisturizer to stop my skin from getting dry ive started getting really sore red marks. These are worst around my cheeks just next to the bottom of my nose. Ive stopped rubbing moisturiser on these parts but the skin seems so ruined that the marks dont fade i just end up with bits of dry skin stuck on in attempt to heal. There quite sore and i look like i have a constant red face which is really annoying. I know that being on tane will lead to my face looking slightly red but is there anything i can do to help these marks fade away quickly? If it wasnt for the two eitherside of my nose then my skin would be looking much better. Any advice would be most welcomed many many thanks.

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while your on tane your skin is pretty sensitive so a good, non comedogenic, light moisturizer will help but really you shouldn't do much to your skin while your on it. After yur off tane for a while (a few months) you can do a few things to help with the red marks including hydroquinon cream (depending on your skin type/color), and facial peels which I've used and have helped alot. Go over to the red-marks/acne scarring forum they have tons of good info there and can help.

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