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Anyone else have this experience with Yasmin?

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I started taking Yasmin last August and it almost immediately started clearing up my acne. I often had break outs around my mouth and nose, as well as some cystic acne in those areas. Once I went on Yasmin my skin pratically became perfect except for a small zit every now and again. But, within the last couple of months I have begun breaking out again. However, now I am breaking out on my forehead (an area I never used to get zits) as well as the area between my cheeks and the sides of my mouth. At the very least I'm happy to say that I'm getting absolutely no zits around my nose and the cystic acne has not come back.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this and what possible solutions there are. Is there a possibility it will get better again? Any recommendations for other birth control/perscription medications? Any replies are appreciated!

Oh, and I just wanted to add that I haven't really experienced any negative side effects with yasmin except some possible weight gain (about 5 pounds).

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Your body may be storing the horomone instead of breaking it down. That's what caused my cystic acne. My skin was perfect for about a year and then all hell broke loose. I never had a pimple before I started Yasmin.

Have your horomone levels checked and get off it, if necessary. Good luck.

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